High Rise Invasion Characters 2023 [Updated]

High Rise Invasion Characters [2024]

High Rise Invasion Characters has 2 choices for survival during this horrific universe: kill the cloaked figures. The characters of the anime High Rise Invasion are described in further detail here. Takahiro Oba & Tsuina Miura are the creators of the Japanese anime serial High Rise Invasion. A similar comic book series served as the basis for this Netflix animated show. Details about the High Rise Invasion characters by reading the information given below.

High Rise Invasion Characters 2023 [Updated]

After seeing a man’s cranium broken open with such Associate in Nursing axe, 16-year-old Yuri Honor escapes from hooded wrongdoer, solely to bargain she’s stranded in Associate in Nursing uninhibited mansion by means of each entrance inexplicably closed. This woman finds herself popular an exceedingly world destitute of life, enclosed by soaring skyscrapers. Yuri is decided to search out her brother and escape once she discovers he’s captive during the weird location.


Also as identities of a heroes inside the series High Rise Invasion become known, fans would go absolutely crazy to find out more about them. A preview video stood additionally free, revealing the anime’s international unharness date on the streaming website in February 2021. The animeadditionally launched an organization portal, whereby 2 main pictures were revealed: a “person” edition further as a “masked” variant.

High Rise Invasion is an entrancing and stimulating manga series that follows the astounding experiences of a get-together of characters. Made by Tsuina Miura and portrayed by Takahiro Oba, the manga series follows the existences of another social event of characters as they fight against a whole world decimating world piled up with beasts and zombies. The central characters, Yuri, Rika, and Ayumu, are dynamic and fascinating characters with their own amazing stories and characters.


She is a dauntless and solid willed young lady who turns up caught in a difficult to miss world piled up with risky foes. Izumu is a capable contender and a remarkable marksman, making her a stupendous rival to any individual who tries to hold her up. It keeps quiet and gathered even in the most dilemmas. She in many cases deals with the get-together and goes with quick choices that at long last save their lives.


Ayumu is one of the critical characters in Raised structure Attack, and the more youthful family of Izumu. He is presented as a sort and genuine young person who is trying to protect his sister from the risks of the staggering rising world. Ayumu is at first portrayed as an overall bum, yet he soon starts to become further as he faces the different difficulties of the phenomenal rising world. One of Ayumu’s depicting qualities is critical strong regions for him of significant worth. He is a large part of the time seen protecting what is correct, notwithstanding, when it really risks him.


Shiori is a colossal person in the Skyscraper Interference series. She is a talented contender and survivor who wraps up caught in the odd universe of the uncommon trip structures. She is by and large called the “Sovereign of Covered Individuals,” as she generally wears a shroud to camouflage her character. Shiori is a merciless and bizarre person who doesn’t reveal a lot of about herself. Regardless, as the story advances, we find that she has a deplored past that rouses her to battle for her persistence.


Kaname is a discretionary school understudy who becomes caught in the abnormal universe of Raised structure Attack. She is the more youthful sister of the chief legend, Yuri Honjo. Kaname is a sharp and splendid young lady who rapidly changes with her new regular parts, figuring out a workable method for getting by involving her frontal cortexes and her environmental parts for her probably advantage. Kaname is more ready to perceive the extreme idea of the game and handles that there can no move away.

Shinzaki Kuon

Koon could be a good person. This girl is additionally mentioned to as the Rail gun User. She is slight plus gentle. She is acquainted with high social correctitude and deficiencies the authority to comprehend the precarious world initially looks.

Honjo, Rika

Rika Honjo is Yuri’s older brother; UN agency takes additionally been transferred to the enigmatic tower planet. within the strange world, he converts the top of a modest humanoid community, making an attempt indefatigably to find how out.

Sniper Gear

Mr sharpshooter is another name for sharpshooter Masks. it’s Associate in Nursing Angel with Associate in Nursing unknown respect to Rika UN agency holds a precision rifle.

Aikawa, Mamoru

Mamoru Aikawa could be a god Candidates with the power to command thirty Angels.

Kusakabe, Yayoi

Aikawa is served by Yayoi Kusakabe, an Angel.

Aohara Kazuma

Kazuma Aohara could be a Divine Presidentialcompetitor UN agency wields power over the Angels Ein however instead Zwei. Originally preoccupied with changing into an excellent God, he became Yuri’s ally when being vanquished

  1. Do you realise whoever the actors from High Rise Invasion were indeed? So each anime fan would know or someone that their popular cartoon personality becomes. In animation, every person is a teenage boy or girl who lives in a mystery location and is accompanied by other disturbing, hooded individuals.
  2. Student from high school Yuri Honjo was unexpectedly thrust into such a bizarre world full of tall structures. Predators in white costumes are pursuing her and many others like her.
  3. Mayuko has been brought inside the enigmatic tower area. She got harassed and ignored by everybody, even her family, and within this new environment, she turned into a cruel killer. Despite her unwillingness to trust others, she makes a commitment to Yuri after becoming spared with him.
  4. Kuon is a strong character. The Rocket Operator is another name for her. She is sweet and sensitive. She is accustomed to rigid moral customs and lacks the capacity to comprehend the perilous environment upon first glance.
  5. There’s the character Rika Honjo, he’s the oldest brother of Yuri Honjo, who has also been transferred to the enigmatic tower universe. He takes charge of a tiny social grouping in the strange new world and struggles valiantly to discover a way back.
  6. “Mr Sniper” is another name for Marksman Face. He is indeed an Angelic, carries a hunting rifle, and is connected to Rika in some way.
  7. Twenty guardian angels could be commanded by God presidential candidate Mr. Aikawa.
  8. Angel Yayoi Kusakabe works for Aikawa.
  9. Another God third party candidate who commands the Angelic beings Eine and Zwei is Founder Aohara. He is originally fixated on being a Pure God, but then after losing to Yuri, he starts to support her.

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